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Masanori Kina

Welcome to our website.

Kyowa Technologies Co., Ltd. established in 1989 has been providing architectural and engineering designs mostly for international clients requiring professional design services in English based on U.S. code requirements. Our company, as a professional design firm has a proven history of accomplishment in satisfying the expectations of our clients.

We have dedicated architects and engineers working with a common goal “Provide the client with the best design on time and within budget”. Our engineering division continuously supports each other to design efficient, sustainable and reliable facilities including buildings, structures, utilities and systems based on our company policy of “Quality, Punctuality and Communication”. All our architects and engineers work closely not only between the divisions, but also with the clients. We, as a professional team, always consider each project a challenging task and find solutions to any
problem so we grow as one professional team as the technology of this industry grows.

As you may imagine, Architectural and Engineering is one of the fastest growing and changing industries especially for the past decade due to increasing needs for energy conservation, environmentally friendly facilities, as well as safety against various environmental threats, such as air pollution, global warming and earthquakes. We believe it is an architects and engineers essential mission to design a reliable living environment. I would like to emphasize that our architects and engineers are well aware of it and practice the mission.

Through our website, I wish you will have a better insight about our company and eagerness to provide our clients the best design they need. I would like to assure everyone, in this message, to make Kyowa Technologies to be the most trusted company in terms of technology and quality.

June, 2014
Kyowa Technologies Co., Ltd.
Masanori Kina, President