Voices of Team Members

We consider our employees as our family.
It is a cheerful environment but we are strict on schedule.

We assign engineers from different disciplines for each projects. We work together with a sincere sprit of corporation and team work. All of us are experienced engineers; however, professional support comes naturally when we encounter with different issues and difficulties. Since we are group of 40 people it is more of a family environment. We work harmoniously but make sure that we finish our projects on time.

Director, Project Management Section
Francis Shiroma

Francis Shiroma

The exciting part of this job is to work with engineers abroad to accomplish verity of projects while staying in Japan.

I think one of the exciting part is of this company is to work with engineers abroad bilaterally to accomplish each projects while staying in Japan…… When we have a large project we work together with other Architectural/Engineering companies and this motivates each other to excel even more.
Our staff is 1/3 Pilipino and 1/3 is Japanese from mainland and the mixture of different cultures make this company a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

Director, Engineering Section
Atsushi Ohki
U.S. Registered Professional Engineer / Energy Manager

Atsushi Ohki